Improving Photos And Photo Usage At Your Magazine

Unless the photographer is included in the initial story-planning meeting the photo assignment is typically her first exposure to the subject. It briefly tells the shooter the basic information she’ll need to know to arrive at the assignment, locate the subject and make photos. This is a typical daily photo assignment form. A magazine assignment would likely have a much more detailed summary that would include the writer and/or magazine editor’s vision for the story.

A thoroughly completed assignment form is the photographer’s best friend. Note that the assignment only provides information about the subject and leaves the shooting to the photographer.

March 2014 cover of “Texas Highways” magazine.

A June 2011 “Fort Worth Weekly” cover

A March 2013 cover of “Fort Worth Weekly”

A “Fort Worth Weekly” cover from April 2012

The cover shot of the inaugural issue of Fort Worth’s “360 West” magazine.

Texas author John Graves cut and set every stone in his ranch house at Hardscrabble. ©1992 Robert W. Hart

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